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What is Pilates?

Pilates is a physical fitness system of movement that was developed in the 20th Century by Joseph Pilates, that is focused on repeated movements performed with control. When done repeatedly under light resistance, Pilates will improve flexibility, build strength and develop functional motor control strategies in the entire body. It is a great system for developing body awareness following an injury or surgery.

Why Kinetic for Clinical Pilates?

At Kinetic, we tailor the traditional Pilates principles to a Clinical Pilates method which is specific to the individual’s needs. We start with an accurate assessment of movement classification of the affected body part of movement pattern, which enables not only a suitable entry into exercise but valuable re-assessment markers along the way.

Graded progressions are then introduced at regular intervals, with improvements generally seen in a short space of time to pain and function, body awareness, flexibility and ultimately performance. But it’s NOT all about the CORE!!!

Our Approach To Clinical Pilates

Our Clinical Pilates approach is primarily equipment-based, utilising the spring-loaded Trapeze and Reformer Tables, making the resistance to the specific exercise easy to adjust and modify. Heavier isn’t always harder when it comes to Clinical Pilates!!
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    Presentations that benefit from our Clinical Pilates approach include:

    • Pain/Injury in the lower back and pelvic region
    • Hip and Groin related pain and dysfunction such as osteitis pubis, adductor tendon pathologies
    • Shoulder and shoulder blade pain/injury
    • Neck and upper back pain/injury
    • Pre and post-natal clients
    • Acute & recurrent hamstring, calf and quadriceps injuries
    • Joint hypermobility syndrome
    • Osteoporosis, osteoarthritis
    • Poor Balance and Falls
    • General weakness and deconditioning
    • Adolescent