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We offer hydrotherapy as part of our extensive rehabilitation service. Just minutes down the road from Kinetic, the hydrotherapy classes are held at The ARC Campbelltown, 531 Lower North East Road, Campbelltown in a specialised, heated pool. Our hydrotherapy sessions involve performing specific exercises and stretches in a body of water to improve strength, flexibility, co-ordination and movement patterns. We consider hydrotherapy to be an important part of the rehabilitation process for patients motivated to improve a variety of functional activities and returning to work or sport.

The warm water in the hydrotherapy pool encourages muscle relaxation and helps to relieve pain, while the buoyancy can be used to either assist or resist certain movements. Exercising in water also minimises the compressive forces of gravity on our bodies and limbs, therefore allowing us to perform exercises that would otherwise be harder on land. In many cases, this allows us to commence rehabilitation earlier, particularly in the acute post-operative management phase.

All patients are required to undertake an initial land-based assessment prior to commencing their hydrotherapy program. Patients are then able to continue working through their individualised programs in a group class of up to 10 people, with the assistance of one of our physiotherapists, who will be in the pool at all times.
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    Patients with the following conditions may benefit from hydrotherapy:

    • Joint replacements – Shoulder, Hip, Knee
    • Post Reconstructive Surgery – Shoulder, Knee, Hip, Ankle
    • Traumatic injuries
    • Chronic pain/illness – Introduction of safe Exercise Environment
    • Vehicle accidents – Evidence-Based approach to Management
    • Work injuries – Early restoration to functional movement
    • Acute Sporting Injuries – Safe return to load management and recovery
    • General Deconditioning – Establish an effective level of baseline output

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