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Sports Physio Adelaide

Why Kinetic Sports Physiotherapy?

Managing sporting injuries are often both challenging and confusing. With more information at our fingertips, and greater variety in online opinions than ever, the questions of how best to manage recovery has become more complicated for the athlete.

Our Physiotherapists understand that our knowledge is your power. The value in Sport Physiotherapy does not come from the machine that you are strapped into, or the hands that loosen the tight thing. It comes from knowing why the injury occurred, what to do about it when, how, and why.

Our Physiotherapists pride themselves on being at the forefront of current injury understanding, and applying this knowledge to the athlete as the unique individual they are.

What to expect from our Sport Physiotherapists:

  • Assessment, diagnosis and explanation of your injury
  • Understanding of the factors involved
  • Effective communication with coaches and other health professionals
  • An accelerated recovery plan tailored to your sport
  • Hands on techniques to restore pain-free movement
  • Monitoring and progression towards individual goals
  • A plan that addresses recurrence and long-term issues
  • A chance to build a more resilient, stronger, and faster you
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    Why Kinetic Sports Physio?

    Our commitment to optimising your recovery is reflected in our facilities. We offer supervised, individualised rehabilitation programs in Hydrotherapy and in our purpose-built gym. By offering individualised programs in a supervised group setting we ensure rehabilitation is as effective, empowering and economical as possible. We commonly build programs including:
    • Hydrotherapy
    • Pilates and core control
    • Tendon loading programs
    • Load management
    • Sport Specific Rehab
    • Return to Sport criteria
    • Functional programs
    • Strength and Conditioning
    • Performance optimisation and screening

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