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Physio In Campbelltown

Whether you’re a cyclist that loves a leisurely ride through the beautiful roads of Campbelltown or a keen golfer that fancies a hit at the Campbelltown golf course, proper physio will keep you performing the activities you love for longer. There is a considerable amount of muscular injuries that the residents of Campbelltown frequently ignore and unfortunately without physio management they can deteriorate further.

Thankfully, Kinetic Rehabilitation + Performance provide industry-leading physio services right in the heart of Campbelltown. Our physios are experts who have trained in the field of sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapy, so they are equipped to diagnose and treat any sporting injury you may succumb to at any given time.

For over ten years, the team at Kinetic RP has provided health and rehabilitation services for many local amateur league clubs in the Campbelltown area. Moreover, we dedicate ourselves to delivering the highest level of care to all of our local Campbelltown patients, and we strive to ensure optimal patient satisfaction every time.

What to Expect from Our Physios

The Campbelltown physios under our employment continuously remain at the forefront of the industry by completing professional development courses and are ready to use their skills to get you back to your best. Our world-class physio facilities which include an impressive rehabilitation gym are available to assist us in executing our personalised injury management plans.

On your first visit, your treatment begins with a comprehensive assessment of your current issue and a discussion will take place to help the physio better understand the causative factors. The physios will want to know as much as they can to help formulate a more targeted diagnosis and treatment plan.

Once a diagnosis gets made, the physio will take the time to explain and educate the patient regarding the injury and will provide an overall assessment of your issue. The physio will then move onto hands-on treatment to help stimulate the affected area, neutralise pain and increase movement and flexibility.

Sports Injuries

More extreme cases of sports injuries to Campbelltown athletes, amateurs and professionals alike, may require multiple visits to our sports physio. We are committed to optimising your recovery, which means we create individualised programs to target your issue most effectively.

We can utilise hydrotherapy, pilates and core control courses as well as other strength & conditioning and performance optimisation programs. By having these rehabilitation options available to us, our physios can formulate accelerated recovery plans and work to build up a more resilient body moving forward.

Our physios are extensively trained to communicate effectively how and why an injury occurred, as well as provide an understanding to the patient how to avoid it in the future. Advice regarding stretching, recovery and strength building exercises is just another part of the service we provide at Kinetic RP Campbelltown.

If you’ve got a muscular injury that needs assessing, then give the friendly team at Kinetic RP a call today and get back on the road to recovery!

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