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Where Can I Find A Sports Physio In Adelaide?

In active and athletically-inclined cities like Adelaide, sports injuries are unfortunately incredibly common. While you can do your best to avoid them by warming up properly and stretching, sometimes you will need the assistance of a qualified sports physio.

The correct management of sporting injuries can sometimes be challenging, so it’s important to know all the information before beginning treatment.

At Kinetic RP, we value empowering patients with knowledge that will help them recover, build strength and help to prevent similar injuries in the future.

If you’re an Adelaide based athlete that requires a balanced and targeted rehabilitation strategy, then our sports physios can help. Kinetic Rehabilitation and Performance utilises it’s highly qualified sports physios to ensure the highest quality of care you can find in Adelaide.

Sports Physiotherapy

On your first consultation with us, our sports physios will ask you a broad range of questions regarding your health and the nature of the injury to then formulate a diagnosis. Understanding the factors involved is the key to creating an accurate diagnosis and recovery plan.

When it comes to sports-related injuries, patients often ask when they can get back to doing what they love. Communication and providing the patient with a thorough understanding of their injury is vital for speedy recovery.

We create accelerated recovery plans that tailor to your sport of choice and work closely with you and develop programs to increase your resilience and strength. Beginning by utilising hands-on techniques to alleviate pain and improve movement, treatment will then progress towards your personal goals.

Finally, our Adelaide sports physios will provide you with a plan that addresses and aims to rectify potential recurring and long-term issues.

What can Kinetic Sports Physio offer?

One of the many ways that Kinetic RP stands out in regards to sports physio in Adelaide is our state of the art recovery facilities. We are committed to achieving exceptional results through the use of individualised rehabilitation programs.

Our access to a Hydrotherapy pool, pilates and functional exercise classes and our purpose built gym allow us to offer the best-targeted care for your specific sports injury. Kinetic RP is conveniently located on 586 Lower North East Road Campbelltown Adelaide while our Hydrotherapy pool is just down the road.

The team at Kinetic RP has some of the most extensive knowledge of sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapy in Adelaide. All of our sports physios demonstrate a keen interest in sports themselves and can confidently answer all of your recovery related questions.

If you need quality sports physiotherapy due to injury or require post-surgery rehabilitation, then look no further than the experts in Adelaide at Kinetic RP. Make an appointment today with our friendly administration team and feel better tomorrow!

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