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Why You Should Choose Kinetic Physiotherapy!

Are you looking to visit a physio in Adelaide? Make sure you choose the best therapist for your needs!

Are you struggling to manage chronic pain? Have you suffered from a sports injury? Have you been through a heart attack or gotten diagnosed with a cardio-respiratory condition? Would you simply like to improve your balance, range of motion and strength? An Adelaide physio can help you in all these situations!

By choosing the best Adelaide physiotherapy team, you can reduce your pain and improve your physical health safely and effectively. So, do best by your body! Make sure you trust only the most qualified physios with your health and physical recovery.

Not sure where to find the skilled Adelaide physios you need? At Kinetic RP, you’ll find nothing but the very best sports and general physios.

At Kinetic RP We Help You Get Rid Of Your Pain!

You can find certified physios all around Adelaide, so why choose us? What sets Kinetic RP apart is our dedicated commitment to a patient. We are proud to run our therapy sessions with a patient-centred approach.

Our extensively qualified staff will spare no effort when treating your pain and conditions. If something matters to you, it matters to us. Making our patients feel healthy, comfortable and pain-free is our #1 goal! Thanks to this approach we have achieved a superior level of customer satisfaction.

When you visit our Adelaide physios, you will get the results you seek, no doubt. What’s better, you’ll make progress in a comfortable, warm environment. Our staff is known for being friendly, compassionate and positive. This paired to the best evidenced-based physio techniques make up a recipe for success!

What Services Does Kinetic RP Adelaide Physios Offer?

At Kinetic RP we provide industry-leading standard physiotherapy to treat a wide variety of conditions. From chronic back pain to arthritis or traumatic injuries our team can handle it all!

Our team relies on an extensive amount of resources to create personalised management plans for every single case. That’s a level of patient commitment that you’ll struggle to find elsewhere.

Our Adelaide physios are not only qualified and highly experienced, but they are also continually learning and updating their skills. In their hands, you can expect to receive the best care, incorporating the latest physiotherapy advances.

We can help a full pool of patients by offering many different services including:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Sports physiotherapy
  • Clinical Pilates
  • Strength and Conditioning Plans
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Podiatry
  • Remedial Massage

Depending on what you need, one or several of these services can be incorporated into your management plan.

No matter what you need, at our facilities, you’ll always get the best patient care and treatment. Our physios will use the latest techniques to heal your pain in a comfortable, friendly and safe environment.

Give Kinetic RP’s Adelaide physios a try! With their skill, commitment and positive attitude, you can make a significant impact on your health.

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