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What To Look For In A Professional Physio

Choosing a physio to help you through your injury or rehabilitation can be challenging since there are so many of them out there – it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the thought!

If you’re a local of Campbelltown, then proximity might be your primary concern, but there are plenty of other important things to think about when selecting the right physio for you. At Kinetic RP, our expertly trained physios come equipped with all the tools to ensure successful treatment.

However, it’s not just accreditation that you need to consider when selecting a physio. We have created a short list of precisely what you should look for in your physio because you can’t take chances when it comes to your health.

A Diversity of Facilities and Services

When it comes to your rehabilitation, it’s possible that you may be suffering from an acute injury that would benefit from a combination of physio and other treatments. Health groups in Campbelltown that have access to multiple health professionals can be beneficial in forming more accurate diagnoses and prescribing more effective care.

At Kinetic RP, we have access to podiatrists, psychologists and remedial massage therapists as well a hydrotherapy pool just minutes down the road in Campbelltown, as part of our extensive rehabilitation services. Combining multiple health practices can often result in the best outcomes for patients.

Qualifications and Experience

All physios must have completed at least their Bachelor’s degree as part of the minimum required standards to qualify. However, at Kinetic RP we make sure that our staff continue to develop professionally through extensive research and up to date exercise developments.

Post-graduate qualifications such as a Masters degree demonstrate the additional commitment by a physio to excel in their chosen field. Although, all physios will have specific areas of interest that you should inquire about during your care to see if the physio is right for you.

Kinetic RP Campbelltown has physios that are experts in an extensive range of areas including dry needling, sports injuries and arthritis.

Interpersonal Skills

If you don’t feel comfortable with your physio, then it can make treatment more difficult. Having a physio that can explain their diagnosis, treatment options and expected outcomes in a way that’s clear and easy to understand is a must.

Without effective communication skills, a physio’s success can get significantly hindered because the patient is unaware of what is expected of them. At Kinetic RP, we understand that your health comes first and we dedicate time and effort into carefully explaining how best to proceed.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions; our physios will be happy to answer them all!

If you’re in the Campbelltown area and have been looking for reliable and skilled physiotherapists, then look no further than the health professionals at Kinetic RP. Give us a call today and speak with our friendly administration team about an appointment.

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